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The secret of hotel small card...

Date: 2018-08-04

A lot of people when staying in a hotel, have picked up to come out from the door when the door of the small card, above the small card text, images, content is ugly, this small card not only affected the guests experience, also harm the hotel brand image in the heart of the guests.In hunan, two days before the police caught the criminal gang, and they account, monthly payment must -with way, verbal agreement with several hotel, people in the hotel to send porn small card, must be specified by him.Hotel "small card" problems in China's hotel industry, especially in the budget hotel quick there is already a long time,, so many hotels suffer from consumers, China live, Beijing capital tourism, home inns, the flowers such as hotel brand and hotel industry are called for, to perfect the legislation, solve the hotel's ills.Can be clearly, some hotels has become the crime in the chain contact assistant, to the hotel with a small card to fast knot.

1. The small card come from?Why small card will show up in the guest room door?Generally there are two reasons, on the one hand, is mentioned above using part of the staff within the hotel position to indulge, on the other hand is a social criminals stole came in.In the types of hotels, budget hotels and private small hotel is a small card infested areas.On the one hand, budget hotels and private hotel is subject to labor costs and the co-action in security aspect, it is difficult to effectively prevent small card free access, have the staff said, "card party" are generally not more than 20 years old young man, haunted by time is 7 PM to 12 PM, belong to the period of security personnel is relatively small.A three layers of hotel, for example, there are more than 40 rooms on each floor, they send a floor up to four or five minutes, ten minutes to get a hotel, such as security guards found to floor to drive again, no time., on the other hand, under the circumstances of the current economic downturn, the economy hotels and private hotels focus on how to improve the room occupancy rate, and increase customer experience such as to how to prevent the small card details such as downplay, generally took a turn a blind eye to the hotel of this silent attitude nature gave some criminals.

2. The small card with great harm to the hotelUndoubtedly, the small card issued phenomenon serious disturbance to the guest, the normal guests bring trouble and insecurity.Small card to haunt the hotel at the same time, also brought trouble for hotel staff.In August 2016, the Chinese hotel group of its 2800 hotels, the survey found among 467 hotels happened due to discourage bad CARDS into suffered cuts or threatening event.The government under the rule of law in China university of political science and law institute director Wang Jingbo, hotel suffered harassment "card" is not an individual phenomenon, resulting in the loss of the hotel customers, reputation loss, turnover decreased, even endanger the personal safety of hotel staff and guests.According to the way a data report in 2017, we can more clearly see small CARDS to the harm done by the hotel."Small card" hotel in mainstream represented by ctrip OTA website average score below without the "small card" of the same type hotel 0.3 points.Especially in road say the index of word of mouth (fitting the major otas score), the difference is more apparent.In the OTA, sometimes several places gap 0.1 points.

3. The hotel hardware upgrade, still availableHotel belongs to the public, the party not to enter the hotel guests are screened, so also can't stop "card party" into the hotel, more way from the technical level, through the hardware upgrade to control.Such as the installation of hotel elevator entrance guard system, implement the "ladder", only credit card, can enter's floor.Even in the fire escape door installed entrance guard.But "card party" will follow the guest together into the elevator, door less than too much of a role.There is under the door sealing strip, let a small card, but also have little effect."The issuing personnel even strongly hit the door, the door hit deformation, and then plug in the card."Zhang told reporters that the hotel hotel party to a number of ways, but it is the coping strategies of "card party", small-scale operations."Some upscale hotels in order to put an end to this phenomenon, in addition to the basic facilities, also increased the camera monitoring, personal security personnel, install the guest room door sealing strip.Some even to put an end to this phenomenon even changed the structure of the hotel, the cost is expensive, but also is not easy to do so."Workers say, besides, with such a high cost to repair, not every hotel can afford, to each such renovation, obviously is not realistic.Disclosed according to the China hotel group, hotel staff will once again "card party", especially after the police has not made the card number is less, but for more proof "card party", pretending to be a guest, following infiltrate, hire minors without means, such as the hotel.