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Five-star hotels mess How to avoid?

Date: 2018-11-24

Late on November 14, 2018, weibo authenticated user "flowers always lost a great" posted a more than 11 minutes of video, is he took over the past year five-star hotel staff how to clean up the hotel room health, some even use the same towel to clean the clean toilet lavabo wipe glass mirror.Simply put, is the housekeeping "a dishcloth farmland".Among them, the video shooting hero flower always explained: he may be China hotel live most of the people, for the past six years to hotels, in the 147 five-star hotels and boutique hotel design, more than 2000 room nights, is indeed a hotel home, found the problem also let he was surprised.
Don't we go to the question or discuss the hero if and to the bathroom in the guest room to install pinhole cameras rationality and legitimacy.Lead a problem here: as you can see, the video mentioned hotel arguably the best hotel in the whole of China in various areas, the video is started up a stone, everybody thought, before you can see some negative information of the hotel industry, more is lower in star hotel or budget hotel, why can't the high star hotel also possess?

Throughout the whole event has lasted for many days, fermentation keypad is still unabated, the broad masses of netizens opinions vary.Some netizens said: the best hotel in China, the ministry of health and moral level than a small Japanese hotel;Some netizens said: five-star hotel staff's quality problems, star hotel is also a place of shelter evil people and practices;And netizens said: their use of hotel cups are not relieved, now we must promote self-preservation type shopping, to nip in the bud...While some netizens take WeChat friends widely circulated in Japan hotel guest room cleaning process for comparison, think this is the people in the hotel rules and regulations to carry out the out of the question.As saying says "the orange of huainan is orange, was born in huaibei is definite", the hotel industry in China from the fate of soil and water disaffected.Personally, I think, although foreign hotel has its worth learning and using for reference, but also cannot prove that "the other", domestic hotel management level is poor.Last year, the New York institution also made of a sheet for local star hotel whether to carry out the "one guest in" system test, actually came out, the hotel has not been used to change the sheets.

So, everyone seems to want to, can now live star hotel reassuring?I personally think: need to split into two to look at all things, when we look at problems, do not "children" with the bath water.Admittedly, star hotel appear such problems, but still can't kill domestic star hotel and management group development achievements and contributions.Face the problem, we should go to a careful analysis of the reason, should not be the question comes down to simple Chinese system execution, hotel operation management level and staff quality problem.I would like to specially emphasize that the housekeeping if the question comes down to the parties, there is no doubt that this a group for the event less, act as the role of "temporary workers".

The emergence of such a mess personally think has the following several reasons:

A, I think, as China's reform and opening up over the decades, we finished the western countries for hundreds of years of industrialization road, there are some problems in the development of.Hotel industry, thanks to the rapid development of national economy and urbanization, the various regions of star hotel spring up, each city star hotel project to speed up the horse, and the expansion of the industry and the rapid development of the hotel will inevitably lead to the lag of related.A city for example, the establishment of the complex will be supporting a star hotel, at the same time will have different star hotel to speed up the horse, industry barriers to entry is low;And some of the hotel in the building and opening cycle short, a lot of to deal with some important reception work task and the opening., on the other hand, this time compression may result in some hotel, do not meet the specification requirements on the design focuses on building the hardware and ignore the related supporting facilities inside the room.Disinfection between rational allocation, for example, back to the core of attention problems in the video, here is a cup, according to the "health management regulations in public places" and "hotels health management system", the hotel must be equipped with special wash-infection room and decontamination facilities, cup must do the daily disinfection, the number of bacteria in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state.The same, this also is the relevant functional departments put forward higher requirements on the industry regulations.In addition, due to the hotel before I work in the aspect of form a complete set of design is relatively complete, the sterilization room or cloth grass all conform to the requirements of the standard, I found in the guesthouse, hotel supplies market although car cleaning work in the design of appearance is very delicate and beautiful, can basically not obligate enough place for disinfection cups and sanitised cup position, it is well known that cup with a guest must be changed, then the guest used of whether need to replace with sanitised glasses out?Room equipped with disinfection cabinet may not be appropriate, I think this is a place worth thinking about!

Second, from the macroscopic, the hospitality industry in the process of rapid development, is also related to the operation and management problems.Talk about business first, according to the national tourism administration related statistics, in 2017, China's five-star hotel occupancy at an average of around 60%, it can be said that the five-star hotels competitive pressure is bigger, occupancy is not high means that profit margins decline, the operation and management of the hotel is a virtuous circle.So, a lot of hotels are scrambling to work in marketing, which may lead to some hotel executive management and makes light of management, the marketing director in the hotel's status and influence can be seen in a thing or two.Also, the rapid development of the star hotel did not bring the promotion of the position of staff, hotel staff wages can be reflected;Average wage standard of the hotel industry in the industry at the end of the location, low wages will cause no one is willing to engage in this industry, especially the students trained, add people, the heart is to the attendant status despises, further lead to the lack of personnel, and the lack of professional talents must appear "grow up" phenomenon in the personnel selection, many managers from crash course, it is against industry law of talent development.Although now many enterprise managers like to tell the hotel feelings, but it is still "flower in the mirror, on the water", to no avail.