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An east international: the IT world hotel group operations of wisdom

Date: 2018-03-05

For the current large hotel groups this kind of service industry, the competition in the future mainly in the intelligent, informatization is convenient, quality competition and price competition will be a back seat.With the constant development of the Internet era background, the hotel chain industry placed expectations on the network technology more and more high.Operational service as a key ring, hotel group informatization network unobstructed, customer information security, etc., are directly affect the customer's recognition of the hotel.

Much site, it is bound to cause high operational costs, with the mode of traditional enterprises generally on distribution of each branch operations staff to provide on-site service, complex core computer room management, server management, such as simple as installing, debugging and maintenance of the business operation system, office software, antivirus software, etc, the engineer will be on site to solve, this determines the traditional on-site service mode, and labor costs will rise with the expansion of business.As the online support rich, many group shine at the moment, because online services bring not only is a decline in the cost, and high operational efficiency will follow.However, the fact really so simple?

East international group, as a well-known hotel group, 23 in the world hotel group, China's hotel group 5, a total of 12 hotel brand + major is finance.Since it was founded in 2006, the group has held more than 1500 hotels, and distribution in China, Malaysia, belarus, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and other seven countries more than 200 cities, the number of employees nearly 40000 group.Throughout this branch, staff behind many large groups operating efficiently, the headquarters of the information technology center for the operations of pressure is not small.